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Last week we noticed just how much 20x200 art there is floating around on Pinterest and Svpply, two top-notch websites for sharing the things you love. When we stumbled upon collector Alison W.’s set called Favorite 20x200’s’s (pictured above) we were over the moon! She writes:



We’re super excited about Summer School — a big design, music and art workshop weekend we’re throwing on July 23 & 24 at Ace Hotel Palm Springs. You can spend all weekend making art, learning to screenprint and blockprint, and letterpressing your $&%@ing heart out, for free. A handful of artists we admire from LA and Southern California are coming into town to set up camp in the Clubhouse for two afternoons full of workshops, and the Type Truck — a touring mobile letterpress installed in the back of a 1982 Chevy van — will be parked by the lobby all weekend. $1/Minute will be doing interactive speed design on Saturday afternoon and donating all proceeds to Adbusters.
School Night Los Angeles is curating bands and DJs by the pool and in the Amigo Room, and we’re finishing up Sunday night with a pop-up shop and gallery, Show & Tell, where we’ll be showcasing the art you’ve been making all weekend and some prints by visiting artists. Rooms are 10% off with rate code SCHOOLNIGHT, and we’ve got drink specials and 15% off on some of our favorite treatments at the Feel Good Spa all weekend, too.
See the calendar for more info — we’ll see you by the pool next weekend with ink-stained fingertips and an adult chocolate milk.
Keep an eye out for artist interviews over the next week or so, and learn more about your teachers.


Stubble self portrait
From my MSCED project. I made this one morning after noticing all of my post-shave stubble.
Drawn with a toothpick. No pshop.
This post is by Brock Davis as part of Photojojo’s Show & Tell week.

May’s [AOA Field Trip](http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150262310199783.375418.747964782) found us gallivanting outdoors with some fantastic farmers and interesting food folk at one of the first [Outstanding In The Field](http://outstandinginthefield.com/) events of the season. For those of you not familiar with the events, Outstanding in the Field was one of the first “foodie” experiences. Started in 1998 by chef and land artist [Jim Denevan](http://www.jimdenevan.com/) in Santa Cruz, California as a few casual “farmer dinners” between restauranteurs and their regular producers; the Outstanding in the Field series has grown into an international farm tour, complete with supercool bus. The full story of Outstanding in the Field maps the history and growth of the food movement in the States in a communal and fun way, and one you should really take the time to [read here](http://outstandinginthefield.com/about/history/) if you are the kind of person who has a tendency to visit farmers markets religiously. Or if you just plain like food. Our Outstanding experience took us up to [Rio Gozo](http://riogozofarm.blogspot.com/) Farm in Ojai, where the extremely hip and cute John and Elizabeth Fonteyn (who own and run the organic farm with Steve Sprinkel) welcomed our group of about 100 food enthusiasts with a tour of their land (originally a jail!), and an incredible spread by local Ventura restauranteur Tim Kilcoyne of the [Sidecar Restaurant](http://www.thesidecarrestaurant.com/). We were also treated to varietal wines from Ojai’s [Old Creek Ranch Winery](http://www.oldcreekranch.com/). This was truly a delightful afternoon with perfect Ojai weather, and the fact that Claire and I had brought our moms to welcome the spring with us made it perfect. We raised our glasses, chatted with the locals and some LA tourists like ourselves, and [enjoyed the day](http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150192678574137.322196.645694136). It also inspired me to come back home and get started on my own garden. I’ve planted some heirloom purple beans, an artichoke, and watermelon. Not quite a farm, but oh so satisfying. The tickets go fast and many of the locations are sold out, but there are quite a few events that still have [availability](http://outstandinginthefield.com/events/2011-tour/). At around $200 per ticket, it’s certainly not cheap, but it is worth it. I am considering tickets to the popular Wattles Farm event in November. Perhaps we’ll see you there. We had quite a bit of fun with our Top Fives this month, which we’ve themed around “Activist May.” From our choices in eco-friendly finds to our favorite causes to the best music to inspire, we’ve assembled this month’s lists in the spirit of reciprocity. Check out all of our picks on our [Pinterest page](http://pinterest.com/academyarchive/activist-may/). View this email on the web here: http://mim.io/35ca11?fe=1&pact=3808336322 Unsubscribe: http://go.madmimi.com/opt_out?fe=1&pact=3808336322&amx=558491229 You can also forward to a friend: http://go.madmimi.com/forward/3808336322?amx=558491229 the academy of archivists | info@wearchive.info


Mermaid with child…

A great time was had by all at SXSW this year. We rented bikes to get around, making for an entirely different (and incredible!) experience of the week. There were a million and one memorable moments. Read all about our trip in Alison’s full round-up [here](http://wearchive.tumblr.com/post/5005008000/essays-sxsw-2011-roundup-how-was-sxsw-this). We are happy to announce the premiere of Claire’s Closet Visit short film, which screened at The Standard in Downtown Los Angeles on April 26th. Claire worked in partnership with artist and blogger [Jeana Sohn](http://jeanasohn.blogspot.com/) on this beautiful homage to classic L.A. style. You can watch the film [here](http://jeanasohn.blogspot.com/2011/04/closet-visit-film-no1-stella.html). As per our theme, springtime is in the air for our top fives this month! We are featuring our favorites of the elusive Los Angeles outdoor patio, springtimer song picks from our guest music curator, Andrew Kahn, and the must-haves of spring style. Check out all of our favorites on our [Pinterest page.](http://pinterest.com/academyarchive/spring-is-in-the-air/) View this email on the web here: http://mim.io/ee9201?fe=1&pact=3510417334 Unsubscribe: http://go.madmimi.com/opt_out?fe=1&pact=3510417334&amx=558491229 You can also forward to a friend: http://go.madmimi.com/forward/3510417334?amx=558491229 the academy of archivists | info@wearchive.info

Why hello SXSW! We could not be more thrilled that you are right around the corner! The experience is unforgettable, between the amazing interactive, music, film and the just-plain-cool vibe of being in Austin, TX. We were nostalgically revisiting last year’s festival, and came across [this essay](http://wearchive.tumblr.com/post/475157538/essays-which-way-is-up-the-future-of-book). We are looking forward to even more inspiration this year! There are thousands of amazing places to stay and shop in Austin! We love the [Hotel St. Cecilia](http://www.hotelstcecilia.com/) (pictured), which offers not only beautiful rooms, but an impressive library with books, film, and vinyl. Also worth noting are [uncommon OBJECTS](http://www.uncommonobjects.com/) for fun antiquing and [bows + arrows](http://shopbowsplusarrows.com/) for regional, national, and international designer wear. With our flight leaving in just a few days, we figured that it was time to whittle down to the brass tacks of this unbelievably amazing lineup. Keeping that idea in mind, we assembled our top five lists around our favorites of this year’s interactive speakers, music and film at SXSW. Hope to see you there! Check out our picks on our [Pinterest page](http://pinterest.com/academyarchive/sxsw/). View this email on the web here: http://mim.io/5777e?fe=1&pact=3120365371 Unsubscribe: http://go.madmimi.com/opt_out?fe=1&pact=3120365371&amx=558491229 You can also forward to a friend: http://go.madmimi.com/forward/3120365371?amx=558491229 the academy of archivists | info@wearchive.info

There’s something that’s just so appealing about Erika Records. Maybe it is Liz Duster, the founder, who established Erika Records as a heavy metal record label in 1980, before transforming it into a vinyl record mecca. Maybe it is their 36,000 square foot Buena Park location, which provides a one-stop shop for all things vinyl, from record pressing to memorabilia. Maybe it’s the sense of good ol’ fashioned American small business ethic which emanates from their business, a model that is fashioned around operating in a traditional way and producing the best results in the business, right here in California with our own working men and women. Or just maybe it is the nostalgia of the whole experience. In an era marked by digitalization of nearly all media, vinyl records are making quite a comeback. Erika Records produces vinyl for an enormous range of artists, from independent music collectives like [Black Iris](http://www.blackiris.tv/), to music giants like Lady Gaga. Embracing a medium of the past, Erika Records has positioned itself in a valuable niche for the future. And we, as avid music listeners, value and commend them for what they do. Check out all of our pictures from this fantastic trip [here](http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=283984&id=95430964242). Cheers to Erika Records! Long live vinyl! We were so inspired by our field trip to Erika Records, that we compiled our second list of top fives around the idea of nostalgia. This month, we are featuring what to listen to, where to go, and what to wear on Valentine’s Day. Check out our picks on our [Pinterest](http://pinterest.com/academyarchive/) page. View this email on the web here: http://mim.io/20b4d?fe=1&pact=2896924087 Unsubscribe: http://go.madmimi.com/opt_out?fe=1&pact=2896924087&amx=558491229 You can also forward to a friend: http://go.madmimi.com/forward/2896924087?amx=558491229 the academy of archivists | info@wearchive.info

This month we introduce our Top Five Lists! Our January choices feature recession-friendly picks, as we enter the fourth year of a pared down economy. Enjoy penny-pinching options in leisure (daycationing at an El Capitan yurt pictured), wining & dining in Los Angeles, and music on a budget. [Check it out](http://pinterest.com/academyarchive/). We also kept ourselves very busy by taking the lead in art direction for the newly released [El Sportivo & the Blooz](http://whiteiris.tv/elsportivo) 12-inch. The limited-edition record features the single “Clover” and was released by White Iris, the label counterpart to our favorite music collective, [Black Iris](http://www.blackiris.tv/). We are pleased to announce that we’ve added [The Whitehouse](http://www.whitehousepost.com/) to our clients this year! With offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and London, The Whitehouse, under the direction of Rick Lawley and David Brixton, offers some of the best editorial services in the biz. View some of their [recent work](http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/2010/allstate-football-mayhem/). View this email on the web here: http://mim.io/ae1f8?fe=1&pact=2740698396 Unsubscribe: http://go.madmimi.com/opt_out?fe=1&pact=2740698396&amx=558491229 You can also forward to a friend: http://go.madmimi.com/forward/2740698396?amx=558491229 the academy of archivists | info@wearchive.info

what i have to look forward to in the teen years.  i love.

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